Co-produced by Chopt Logic, Boom Squish and Critical Stages Touring.
A verbatim theatrical exploration of climate change.

In late 2014 Science Communicator, Joe Duggan approached the world’s leading climate scientists and asked them to respond to one simple question: How does climate change make you feel?

Their responses were truly moving. The scientists shared handwritten letters filled with fear, anxiety, exasperation and occasionally, a glimmer of hope. These letters were shown in exhibitions around the world and via the project’s website where they were viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, sparking passionate conversations and leading to a suite of new projects geared towards changing how we talk about feelings around climate change. Now, more than five years since this ground-breaking project, Mr Duggan is reconnecting with the original contributors and asking them the same question once more. This time, the responses indicate a hope for the future: our youngest leaders.

Chopt Logic and Boom Squish have been inspired by this remarkable project and in collaboration with Joe Duggan are working towards the development of a new theatre work. In addition to the original letters, Is This How You Feel? will feature the words of youth climate activists. Partnering with School Strike 4 Climate, we are currently in the process of interviewing young advocates against the climate crisis. This work is set to be a powerful, stirring, and essential exploration of climate change, told through verbatim testimony, physical theatre and music.

Concept and Direction

Shane Anthony

Concept and Writer

Hayden Rodgers


Lewis Mosley


Tra Mi Dihn and Zachary Lopez

Is This How You Feel? is developed with support by City of Sydney, Critical Stages, Australian Theatre for Young People, School Strike 4 Climate, Legs on the Wall and Sydney Fringe Festival.

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